Sunday, March 13, 2011

Magic Castle

Steven and I took six of his clients, and my parents to the Magic Castle last night. This year I started drinking only on special occasions, and all I have to say is I woke up this morning craving a corn dog and tacos, so you know how much fun I had last night.
Steven loves loves loves the castle, which makes it amazing that this was our first time going together. Its harder for him to get me to go, because I practically grew up there, having a father who has performed there for 30 years.
I could write a long long post about it right now, but all I really wanted was to share some pictures, because I think we're damn cute. Steven's boss did my hair in finger waves, and I never feel prettier (or get as many compliments), than when its styled like this. I absolutely lived in the 20's in a past life, and this hair just feels like "me".

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