Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Bit Of Lace

Lace has been named as one of the top trends for fall by nearly everyone. Ive been searching for ways to incorporate this for more than just night time, and in more than just black, when I stumbled upon this cardigan at Banana Republic.
Its hard to tell from the photo, but this looks incredibly luxe in person, due to its silk backing in a chic, almost olive, color. At $89, its at a nice pricepoint, although I got 30% off using a coupon from Retail Me Not (I never buy online without checking their coupon codes!). I hadn't bought anything from banana republic in a while. I used to do a lot of shopping there, but everything had been looking the same for the past few seasons. With this cardigan, I was reminded why they're still so good for nice looking basics.

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