Thursday, February 17, 2011

I rarely go to supermarkets. Between Trader Joes, farmers markets, Target for household items, they've just naturally phased out of my life. Occasionally I'll have to go for something that a recipe demands. They completely overwhelm me. The options, some of the junk food blows my mind, and the fact that the stores are lit up like Wrigley Field. If I go in stoned, my head explodes.

I ended up in one a couple weeks ago for some chiles to make Lawry's Mexican Lasagna, which is highly recommended, especially if you've got to cook for some guys, as I did. Its a man pleaser (recipe here).
I was wandering the aisles, when, BEHOLD:

Be still my little white trash heart.

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  1. "Be still my little white trash heart."
    Ahahahaa! Nice.