Thursday, February 24, 2011

Paging Boardwalk Empire....

Yesterday I went with Steven to a class he taught at the Paul Mitchell school, to a room full of young, hopeful hairdressers. Really good, and really bad hair was represented in the crowd.
Steven is excellent on stage. I feel so lucky that Im with a hairdresser whos actually good, as opposed to the commonplace stylist who just has no skills, meaning Im stuck with someone whos going to constantly just fuck up my hair.
Kills the mood.

He taught a haircut, and I was a hair model for his boss, who's specializes in actual hair styling. She is without a doubt the best and fastest stylist for updos. She blew everyone away. She brought me to demonstrate finger waves on, as my hair texture does a lot of that on its own. I absolutely LOVED it. I was absolutely a flapper in my past life, and it just felt like "me". She wasnt crazy about the way it turned out because it didnt have a chance to dry completely before she styled it, but she was the only one. This type of hair just makes you feel feminine and beautiful.

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