Thursday, March 24, 2011

Barely There Hair

My hair falls out.
All the time.
When I first told my hairdresser boyfriend this, he constantly rolled his eyes and repeated that "everyone loses 100 hairs a day", knowing how dramatic I can be.
However, it wasn't long before he was saying how he cant believe I'm not bald. We find my hair in EVERYTHING, and its become a running gag.
My whole life, Ive gone through phases of losing a lot of hair, but in the past few years its been less of a phase and more of a way of life. I have an under active thyroid, and its very possibly due to that, but hair loss is a symptom of so many things, it could be anything. Add to that the fact that my hair is curly, and it makes it almost impossible to grow.
I started taking Biotin a few months ago, and it does work, but I want more.
Enter Viviscal.
I first read about it in Vogue. Its a 100% natural Finish dietary supplement made from fish proteins that ramp up the body's production of keratin. After some more research, it sounded like a miracle pill. I ripped out the article and put it on my fridge, and its been hanging out there, collecting stains for a couple months. Then a few days ago I got a keratin treatment (also known as a Brazilian Blowout), and, while my hair looks shinier and thicker, it also makes damage more visible, and I need a haircut. I cut it often, but I never feel like I have any inches to spare, and I haven't been able to get much length on it in the past year. My hair is also a lot straighter, which is a nice change, but also highlights how little hair I have.
  After some more research, it sounds like a miracle pill.
Here's hoping, as I just has a "moment" and ordered a two month supply on Amazon.
Should take a couple months to see results, but I'll be sure to update!

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