Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bling Machine

Last night was my good friend lindsays birthday party. She and I are both friends with the jewelry designer Azature, who never fails to show up with the most amazing men, and jewelry, on his arm.
Last night it was an exotic Chilean in a three piece suit who ran his own art foundation, and this ring:

A 10 carat black diamond, there are only 6 of these rings in the world, 4 already sold to some of the richest families in the world.
I should add that he was wearing this as a pinkie ring. Azature is the genuine article, glamorous, the life of the party, and always fun as hell.
Which is why I knew I could ask to play dress-up with it, and I knew he'd pony up the goods. If you have the chance to put something like this on, how could you not?

And yes I'm wearing gloves.
$10, and the biggest hit ever. People lose their minds over simple stuff like this, and its so easy, its just about going for it. Everyone is so sick of seeing the same thing over and over again. Styling is everything. In this case, I paired these with this Rodarte for Target dress.

 Back when I bought it a year ago, I immediately thought "gloves"! 
I'm someone who loves to do "costume dressing", in that I kind of pick a theme and go for it, whether it be "70's pottery teacher", or in this case, 60's baby doll. 
There's a game I play when shopping, where I like to come up with a proper time and place to where even the most outrageous thing. Show me a crazy caftan and I'll come up with an outfit you only slip on after your 4th husband has left for work readying you for an affair in Spain with your Belizean cabana boy.
There IS a time and place for everything!  And if you can't find one, fuck it. 
I'd rather be overdressed any day. Everyone else has "normal" covered.

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