Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moschino Luncheon

This past weekend I went to a luncheon for Moschino. It was held at an amazing estate that was the home of a british socialite who recently moved to L.A. after divorcing her polo player husband, and "landed on her feet", as I heard one attendee say.
No doubt about that, the house was beautiful, and even though it was decorated within an inch of its life with all the requisite off beat art (10 foot paintbrush leaning in a corner? Sure, why not!) and designer furniture, it played.
Models traipsed around the house, after getting ready in a small farmhouse on a hill that was built for art installations and housed all the fashions for sale. Scaling down it in heels was quite the party trick!

I am LUSTING after this dress, unfortunately, its a horrible photo, and the only other picture I could find was in a different fabric:

I really had to sit on my hands to not buy it.

Party Bonus?
Great Gift Bag!
Each one contained a different Moschino item, and in mine was this pin! I love pins, I think they're so versatile, and this was is very fun. I have no idea what made this particular plastic one $315 (as the price tag stated), but thanks Moschino!

Among other things inside was a HUGE meringue filled with coconut creme, made by Farmshop, who catered the event (their salmon was terrific!). 

Later that evening, I couldnt help myself. Steven thought it was hilarious and tried to snap a picture.

This is my "To Catch A Predator" face.

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