Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shamless Plug

A project I worked on, Sims Medieval, is now available for presale on!
It's the first version of The Sims franchise to take them outside of their world and put them in a themed environment. Slay dragons, go on quests, put people in the stocks. There are castles, monarchs, knights, peasants, and all the classic Sim game play as well.

 I got to see the game in action at the EA headquarters in San Francisco, and I can tell you that the game is absolutely beautiful! Its an incredibly intricate and well-spun world. Far different from the game I used to play as a teenager. Its so wild that as an actor, you never know what one day, years in the future, you'll get to be a part of.
I voice one of the children, and what a fun job. Not only did I get to go to San Francisco a few times (Im a sucker for room service), and work with talented people, but it was a challenge.....and I love challenges. With most video game jobs, you record your voice first, and they animate to you. With The Sims, the basic animation was already in place, so I had to match the dialogue to the animation, a process known as ADR. Some people find ADR challenging. Not to sound like an ego maniac, but I'm pretty decent at it, although this process was different, because The Sims speak gibberish, or as the folks at EA refer to it, "simglish". The dialogue was most also not written out for us. We had to pick a couple words off a list of gibberish in front of us, and make the words fit. 
If that sounds incredibly complicated, that's because it is. Add to it the fact that you're speaking as a 10 year old, and add to that the the "simglish" is in a British accent, and then also remember you have to "act", and give intent to what you;re saying, and you've got a recipe for disaster. When I checked into the hotel the night before, I wondered what I'd gotten myself into. I flew up with an actress who was also in the game and had worked on Sim games previously.
When I asked her to give it to me straight about what to expect, her first words were "Don't think you're a bad actress, and don't feel like you want to give up acting".
But from the beginning, it was a breeze. With so many Sim games, these people know what they're doing, and they also know how to work with actors. That seems like a given, but so many people don't. They keep it light and fun, and they also know what they're asking of you.
Breaks were integral. After an hour of saying lines like "Garesh banoosh onslepeen!", you start to lose your mind a little. OK, a lot.
But it ended up being one of my favorite jobs, and hopefully, people like the game enough that we get to make some expansion packs for it!
After 10 years, this is a whole new venture for The Sims, which is pretty cool. If you play it, I hope you enjoy it!
Here's the trailer:

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