Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taking care of business....

Dear god, business is a lot of work. Between setting up licenses, insurance, Workman's comp, dealing with contractors, and, as a whole not knowing what I'm doing, rendering everything anyone says completely confusing, I'm on information overload.
I find Ive got so much processing in my head, I can't talk to any friend without asking them to repeat themselves 10 times. I'm simply distracted beyond belief.
I also find myself not giving a fuck about anything that requires effort.  Including everything and anything in the rest of my life.
I'm going to a Real Time with Bill Maher taping tomorrow, The Magic Castle the night after that, and Las Vegas early next month. Right now all these things just seem like too much to handle. Even though they should all be things that alleviate stress, they just seem like one more thing to do.
I'm getting everything done, but not without sacrificing my sanity, so I'm essentially still failing at multi-tasking.
I'm telling myself that once everything is in place, it wont be like this forever, although the fatalist in me that  always prepares for the worst is telling myself this isn't possible.
Reading this back, I sound like someone who is desperately in need of a fistful of mushrooms and a tent in the desert. Oh its been so long...
(joshua tree a year and a half ago)

Moving on.
I keep hearing, "at least its not boring" I've never been one of those people who go around saying "I could never just live on a island somewhere, I'd get bored!". Not me. How could you be? I'm of the mindset that only boring people say they are bored.

Blogging will be light this weekend, but hopefully full force next week.
Stay tuned for the announcement of said business on Monday!

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