Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vegas Rising

I've been doing nothing this week but parting out the salon on craigslist, and making business calls. I feel a little brain dead, but whats keeping me going is going to Vegas next week! We're going to do nothing but lie by the pool, party, and enjoy each other. No walking the strip, although weekdays are the only time I'll go to vegas. Its such a different scene, and theres nary a drunken, shoeless bachelorette party in sight. I hope to be fully contained at City Center We'll be staying at The Cosmopolitan, which in additon to being new, is exciting because its the only hotel on the strip with balconies. I wanted to stay here before someone jumps, or is late to their loan shark and gets thrown off one.
I'm not cool enough to pretend Im not totally psyched to be staying in one of the wraparound terrace suites, which is literally bigger than my house. We're both looking forward to it SO much, I only hope it lives up to our expectations. We're going all out, because with the salon looming, this is likely our last vacation for a while.

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