Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday Funday

Yesterday was a much needed "day off" (especially since I'd found myself in an unexplainable depression the day before). A day off which included a trip to a UPS center in cerritos to pick up our existing ceiling tiles, my dad coming over at 7:30 am to install our Pandora sound system. We can now get radio from Africa and around the world, for those late nights involving black light and body paint. The day also included Steven going with our handyman at 9am to get stuff to do our floor, a drive to Anaheim because it was the only Dunn Edwards that had the supplies we needed.
My god Anaheim is a complete dump. Its Van Nuys on steroids- flat, industrial, nondescript. That is until you enter the disney-fied area. Landscaping, cute bus stops, and clean clean clean. Oh Disney. Where would we be without you?
Honestly, just getting off the the 6 block stretch where we work and live was a break. Its a great area, but it can get claustrophobic without you even realizing it. I've been reading Steven King's "The Dome" for the past few months, and I have moments where I feel like I live under one.
After that we came back from Anaheim, Steven installed the rest of the ceiling tiles, and I set to work on my project, staining our front bench!

The salon came with a bench in the front, bolted to the ground. Its good and bad, random people definitely sit on it all day, but its been useful for clients who want to go outside and make phone calls, hang out with their kids, etc.
It definitely doesn't match our "look" however, so I took it upon myself to stain it. I'm also replacing the pot outside with a modern white one, filing it with rocks and cactus. Here's the before, stay tuned next week for an "after" shot!

Our ceiling is almost done, the last step will be the lights

We've passed by an Acapulco restaurant right around the corner from us almost every day since we've moved down here. As far as Acapulcos go we thought the view might be worth stopping in for, and we were right.

 We desperately needed some tequila.

we may have gone overboard ordering two tequila flights to go with our margaritas, but it made salon clean-up later, and bath time, all the more fun.  

Today after some haircuts, we start our floor! It's been our biggest challenge. We had enough people scare us out of ripping up the tile, but the color had to go! We thought we could epoxy it, and found out it wouldn't work. Some people told up we could stain it, then we found out it wouldn't take. So now we're painting it with a sealant on top. Fingers crossed! It will be finished on Monday. Before and after photos on that bad boy for sure. Away we go!

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