Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Mans Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor

This Sunday and Monday was all about our ceiling. Aye yi yi, what a project. Sunday we were lucky to have bestest friends Rob, Katrina and Greg come over and help us out. Earlier in the day, Steven had spray painted the entire grid on which the ceiling tiles rest, which ended up being somewhat of a disaster, not only no giving us the color we wanted, but also filling the entire salon with essentially, a dusting of paint.

Our progress:


Everybody helping out. I've slept with everyone in this picture, proof that you can sleep your way to the top

Break time

Some of the finished product. We have to still do the tiles where our speakers are. We also had to order another box of tiles, and our lights are getting replaced this week, with track lighting eventually being installed. It never ends! Good thing its as fun as all hell.



And a fun little video tour to boot!:

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