Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A New Station In Life

Stations stations stations!!!
Yesterday we got our stations and our mirrors! It felt like a miracle. All the blueprints we had to do, and redo, moving of the electrical, all the hours, we really thought it was going to be a challenge to put them up, and we were fully expecting for something to go terribly terribly wrong.
But they went up seamlessly and look phenomenal. Our product rep also delivered our hair products yesterday as well, and by the end of the day, it looked like a real salon. No more steven working in the corner with a sad little station (which has now been moved to my dressing room at home and looks awesome) and mirror. Today is our first day working in the salon, and its really phenomenal.
We've still got our floors, which are on backorder, and our lights left to do, but heres progress so far....
Please excuse the cell phone snaps:

One of the only "before" photos I could put my hands on right now:

Tomorrow we've got a cute, cleaned up version of Amy Winehouse coming for her second interview to be stevens assistant. This time steven will be judging her on her ability to shampoo and blowdry, guinea pig being me. Its been rather fun, the few interviews we've had. I wont lie, its very nice to be in the power position.

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