Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dont lick the pole.

Hanging on....
Barely, but I'm doing it!
We found put last night that the phone at the salon phone had been plugged into the wrong jack for the past week (we unplugged it when we did the floors), and we had a big "oh shit" moment, but also a sigh of relief. We had had no idea why no one had been calling and the phone rang and rang and rang today, so problem solved.

I took a good chunk of the day off yesterday to go out to an industrial area behind LAX, where a huge photographic printing press is located. They do most of the printing you see for building wraps, advertisements, movie posters, you name it they do it. Behind their practically non existent storefront was a huge warehouse with printers the size of a bus and a mini factory.
I was there with my friend/artist/former commune compadre, Calethia.  We already use one of her pieces for our logo, and shes letting us use her art in the salon. We met down at the printers to look at our option for materials, finishes, etc.
Right now, these are the two pieces we're using. They will be BIG, HUGE, MAMMOTH! GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!
Sorry, Im excited.

This will be the biggest piece, coming in at around the 70 inch range:

This next piece will be smaller and go in our all black shampoo room:

Since we had finally managed to meet down there after weeks of trying (we are both a combination of busy and lazy), we wanted to draw out it out and go have a bite/drink. Like I said, we were behind the airport on 104th street, in an industrial but deserted area. In Inglewood. 
I had passed a random restaurant with vintage planes in front of it called the "Proud Bird" and suggested we round the corner and check it out. To our surprise it was an upscale restaurant with a full on brunch happening, and men in suits milling about. It was super bright, with adjoining banquet halls that looked primed for corporate dinner where they hand out plastic awards.
It was way too sunny. 

I almost never use my phone to find restaurants, but I forget that's what its for! So I typed in bar, and it directed us a little further down the street to the "wild goose". I have no idea what it is with the bird names, but I'm guessing its airport related.
We pulled into the parking lot and were alerted by the faded sign that while this contained a bar, it was actually a strip club.
 "Are we doing this?" she asked. 
"The worlds most beautiful girls? Damn right we are." I said.

Calethia had a little carpetbagger suitcase with her that contained her laptop. When we walked in there was someone  checking IDs (maybe that's strip club law? There certainly weren't people piling in).
The security guy looked down at her suitcase, then back up at her and asked if she was auditioning.

Double poles for an ebony and ivory joint slidedown!
We walked in and the place was surprisingly big, just one big room with a bar on one side, stage on the other, and about five people inside total. It was dark as hell, and completely perfect. We ordered drinks from the young and depressed bartender who seemed to hate his life, and took a seat far from everyone in a booth by the stage. 
And what a stage. Gold lame curtains from the 70's red and green spot lights casting a glow that reminded me of something out of goodfellas or Casino, and two stripper poles to nowhere, which disappeared into jagged holes in the drop ceiling.


Unfortunately, a jukebox filled with Journey and other hits was our only entertainment. I don't think dances started till 4pm, which, according to all the one star reviews on Yelp, was our loss.

Upon leaving, I noticed this stained glass window outside.
Stained glass just reeks of class, don't you think?

Finished the day of trying out Trader Joes Baby Back Ribs last night. 15 minutes in the oven, and absolutely ACES. Fall off the bone goodness. $9.99, and highly recommended!:

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