Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Peek Inside LA's Famous "House Of Davids"!

The "house of Davids" is an LA institution! Know for its gaudy statues of David, and their amazing Christmas display in which the whole place is blindingly lit up and the statues don Santa hats, the HOD is rivaled only by the infamous "sheiks house" of beverly hills.
After years of speculation, we know know what it looks like on the inside, because its on the market! Perfect place for a lost weekend.

The photos I was able to steal were too low res, even for me. Click here to see the whole set.. You kind of need to in order to get the full effect of the floating table held up with fishing wire.


  1. many years ago my friend Pat found their lost dog! He even ended up on the news for his heroism. He also spoke of sitting at an uncomfortable table with no legs and I have described him as a liar ever since then up until this moment.

    Isn't that a low asking price for that area?

  2. Aaaaaahahah! I love that story! I think 2.4 is pretty on point, considering that whoever buys it is probably going to rip out all that majesty....