Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pull Up A Chair!

Our chairs and rollerball dryers have arrived! Two days ago to be exact. Right now we just have one chair out of the box in order to let our floor dry completely, and to ensure that they don't get messed up in the meantime.
They look magnifique!

Our floor is still a work in progress. We didn't let it dry the 3 days we were supposed to. We only let it dry for 24 hours instead of the recommended 72, plus, being by the beach = extra humidity. It started coming up at the slightest abrasion. We freaked. Big time.
That was yesterday however, and today its a lot less tacky to the touch, and seems like its still be viable. THANK GOD.
Our goal is to do a black wood floor at the beginning of the year.

In the past couple days Steven also got an electric scooter! He looks like a total beach creep on it, its hilarious. We live less half a mile from the salon, so he now takes it back and forth to work.
Ain't Craigslist grand?

Some crazy drifter already came in at 10 pm last night while Steven was doing my hair and said we were "killing him", making it too easy to steal and that we shouldn't leave it outside, and told us that he'd also love to steal my computer.
Its now living in the salon.
We have a love/hate relationship with the fact that our salon is floor to ceiling windows. It's like live in a case study house.
The exposure has an effect mentally, but Im not quite sure what it is yet. Knowing that you're always being watched.

Check back tomorrow for a before and after shot of our front bench!

Video of us being out of our minds happy over salon chairs, just for kicks:

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