Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Salon Update!

This week, the salon is the wild wild west.
Shits pretty crazy, pretty unknown, pretty unpredictable. 
Our stations are wall mounted, and we needed our electrical outlets moved to accompany them. Our building is built pretty...uh, interesting, and when they went to move them, they found out that there was plywood backing on the entire wall, leaving it impossible to cut through. Solution? Well just cut out half the wall of course!
This is what the salon looked like yesterday:

And this is what it looks like today.

The floor is also a growing disaster. Our landlord has expressed that there's a possibility that he will help us redo the floors, so we've had a guy this morning come and assess the situation and discuss options. After that another guy also with flooring options. We've also got two different girls who have contacted us wanting to be assistants that we are interviewing today. Steven gets a look on his face when he gets overwhelmed with what someone is saying and just completely spaces out and looks like he wants to jump off a bridge. I've already seen that look today. When I see that look I want to shake him, and tell him its not that big a deal, but 90% of the time hes at the point of no return. 
The problem with contractor types is that they all seem to think aloud, leaving you completely confused as to what you've agreed on by the time they walk out the door. 
Its possible that this floor could be done by next week, which is hard to believe sitting here in this chaos. Our stations and mirrors are slated for Monday delivery, which is now looking like it might need to get pushed a week. In the next couple of days, Ill feel like I'll have some answers. Right now, its all up in the air. I knew May would be "the month", but wow if things aren't changing fast. Ive yet to really get to that place of total breakdown overwhelm, or maybe I'm already there. I think what has saved me, is theres definite denial on my part that any of this is happening. It just all so fast, so high powered, and so unforeseen, that I'm just rolling with it because its not even real, right?
I mean this time last year I was living in a bachelorette pad in west Hollywood and doing whatever the hell I wanted. When things change in my life its seemingly overnight. I wouldn't have it any other way. No time for anything but your gut.

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