Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brief Hiatus.

I was scrolling through my google reader today and came across this photo, which caught my eye because I'm wearing the same jacket (from H&M) today.

I do not, however, look like this in it.

I've taken a little blogging hiatus, just a mood I guess.
Lots of changes this week. We've got two new people starting this weekend, have an amazonian beauty we just hired to do extensions who starts next week, and our floors got installed 4 days ago.
We had a meeting this morning with two crazy women who somehow came into a 90k cellulite machine. As much as I'd love their 1k a month in rent, I don't want their insanity.
In truth, the actual operator of the machine was nice enough (even though shed never gotten a treatment herself, and was in the restaurant business), but her "associate" who had brought her two us and was doing most of the talking, was just nuts.
Hard, inflated lips, a name dropper of no one in particular, and a rambler, she was what Steven and I call a "friend killer", i.e, someone who loses you friends.
I used to have one of these in my life. Someone you don't invite to certain things, someone who you need to explain, and someone who embarrasses you with what comes out of their mouth. They often offend people, and have no self awareness.
It took years to fully unfriend my friend killer, a trip to a foreign country, and her exiling more than a few people and a lover before I pulled the plug. It doesn't matter how awesome you are, to others, you are truly a reflection of who you surround yourself with.

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