Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The TImes They Are A Changin'

Today the first of the assistants starts. Right now theres two clients in, Steven cutting one, and the assistant is blow drying someone he just colored. Having two stylists working here at one has me feeling too legit to quit.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday we're closed for the tile floor to get ripped up, for our hardwood floor dream to become a reality.

The next weekend another new hairdresser starts, and the next weekend one more.

Just getting in a groove, and the whole things changes. Ain't that how it goes?

My birthday's tomorrow, and I've got to say, I feel damn good about 28.
Psychics and astrologers have told me that this is the end of my "7 year cycle". Can't lie, the past 7 years have been fun as hell, but they've also been RUGGED.
The next 7 years?
I can't even imagine whats to come.

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