Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday/ Saturday

Yesterday was a wild ride. The owner of our building (and pretty much all of Belmont shore) came over while I was running errands in LA, and told Steven he would not only give pay for the $3,500 floor we wanted (and were going to buy no matter what), but that he would pay for the $6,500 floating floor that we REALLY wanted. You just don't have landlords like this anymore, and we KNEW it at the time. When everyone was telling us to wait a year, that we would find another space, we knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Hes also going to rip the weird tile border that's on part of the wall, and do crown molding on the ceiling for us as well. We are beyond stoked.
Then I got an email offering me a 5 city engagement at anime conventions across the country and Canada. I think I'm going to do it. Free travel to cities I haven't been to, and another voice actress I know, Anndi, will be going as well. A little escape is always nice.

I'll also be seeing anndi tonight, as Ive got a bachelorette party, and shes invited as well. The mutual friend is Georgina, also a voice actress, who I worked with on The Sims game. She's tiner than me, and the sweetest thing ever.
 I haven't been in the mood all week for a bachelorette party, but as of today, I feel ready to go. Steven is being awesome and driving me, which makes my life so much easier. We're doing the cahuenga corridor, which isnt really my scene, but fuck it. I don't have many nights in Hollywood left, and I can count them all on my hands to begin with.
I somehow end up on Hollywood blvd on a saturday night about once a year, usually for birthday party or some such thing, and tonight is the night. I don't mind growing old. But seeing all the young kids out and looking for prey has the ability to make me feel old. Although, theres nothing wrong with not being young, aimless, and wandering Hollywood looking for tail. always feels so bridge and tunnel to me, and tonight, I join the ranks. But isn't that the point of bachelorette parties? Being a bad cliche can sometimes be a lot of fun.
This is I think my 4th bachelorette party, although I've been to probably 10 wedding showers. Surprising to me that most women I know my age haven't been to that many, if any. That's all about to change however. I can already feel that the next 5 years are going to be wedding centric.
My favorite bachelorette party?
Camping up north and white water rafting down the California river. We got thrown out of a bar in a town of about 1,000 people.

Oh! And I think we also found steven the PERFECT assistant. She came in yesterday to drop off a resume, incredibly cute, well spoken, great hair. She had been a stylist a few years ago, then became a cosmotologist and want to get back to hair.
The kicker is that she took a vidal sassoon cutting class, which you dont take unless youre very serious, as the cost is 7k. So far the other assistant aplicants fresh out of beauty school (which is typical) pale in comparisson to her. She comes in next week for a second interview. All signs pointing to yes!

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