Friday, July 22, 2011

"Intravenous Drug Use Is Really Bad"

For over a month I've been getting small, pimple like bumps on my limbs. At first I thought it was ingrown hairs, but once it kept recurring, I knew it was something else. Steven thought it was stress, I just thought it was general mystery illness, as I'm used to having a sensitive body.
When I was in Burbank this week for two days of work, they quadrupled in intensity, I think exasterbated by the heat.
I finally went to the doctor (who asked me multiple times if I shoot up) yesterday and they told me it was a staph infection, most likely MRSA. Since steven had MRSA months earlier, they said I could have caught it then, and it just lay dormant.
I have festering wounds on my body, that swell up enormously for days at a time, sensitive to the touch, which eventually become squeezable, and then its day more of that.
So now its antibiotics, and Im basically supposed to sterilize everything. I've pretty much taken this whole week off, although I'll go in all day tomorrow.
I have a small one on my face, which just took me to another level this morning, and I kind of lost it (read: sobs derived by exhaustion). It was almost exactly a year ago that I had poison oak, and  since nothing compares to that, Im just kind of trudging along. All you can do with with stuff like this is to just outlast.
Off to go pick up some more medication, and burn my sheets.

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