Saturday, July 2, 2011

Newest Purchase

I first saw this Oscar de La Renta swimsuit in an all to dangerous and frequent email from Saks (note to self: unsubscribe), and it really caught my eye. Sexy, feminine and a one piece that doesn't have a lot of crazy cut-outs. Nothing against them, but Ive yet to find one to fit my body, and I have such an abnormally large, wide, and protruding ribcage, that that style stretches over my body leaving gaps between my stomach and the suit big enough to stick a grapefruit in.
But I digress. How ultra femme--with a dash of fatale is this?

I'd kept my eye on it, and when I saw that it had gone on sale my flag went up, but I still wasn't convinced. Then, the next day, I saw Vanity Fair's Emma Stone spread:


Due to a little more snooping, I also found it on a Cosmopolitan cover.
Which made me like it a little less, only because I cant stand this chick, and her reputation. Funny how that can just ruin something.

But speaking of Oscar de la Renta, this is the prettiest top Ive seen in a very long time:

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