Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Next Hair Trend?

Since ombre hair is finally on its way out (I think we're going to look back on photos of that and wonder what we were thinking), there's room for a new hair trend. It looks like it's going to be set by Lauren Conrad yet again, who is partially responsible for making ombre popular to begin with. I've never been particularly impressed with her, I find her to be the most generic girl, with the most generic taste on the planet. But I get it. Millions of girls need someone in fashion to aspire to whos non threatening, and who they can actually look like, with the right hair, and enough properly styled Forever 21. There was a void, and she filled it.
Conrad recently debuted a sneak peak of this new, My Little Pony-esque hair, and I have to say, It's pretty fun, especially for summer. Looking forward to seeing this full on, although something tells me I'm going to be seeing so much of this in the coming months I'll be longing for the days of ombre.

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