Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two for St. Lucia please.

Just wow.
Ive been wanting to take a Caribbean cruise in December for months. We need a vacation. And I need a vacation where the work is done for me. I've never really been anywhere tropical, save for Easter Island, and Hawaii when I was a kid. As much as Moroco and Indochina are on my list, for this vacation I just need pure relaxation.
 The past couple weeks Ive researched it more, narrowed it down to Holland America, which is beautiful, has astonishing service, and who Ive taken before on a cruise to Alaska. I was going to go to AAA tomorrow and talk about options, try to get a discount through them, and maybe make the first payment.
For me, I always question if I can afford something, and I dont ever say Im going to do something until its already in motion, or done.
Stevens the opposite.
Hippie friends always talk to me about the power of putting something out into the universe, and then having it come to you. Im a bit more skeptic. To me its exceptionally grating to hear someone always talk about grand plans, or things theyre going to do, when they never do them.
However, Im rethinking putting thoughts out in the universe.
I had plans to go to AAA tomorrow.
I needed $3,446.
And today, I got a check for $3,447.
Im in a state of shock. I usually get checks from one cent, to $200. To get one that could cover a whole 10 day vacation? I feel like I won the lotto. And for the exact dollar amount, practically? Now thats just madness. And for something I did two and a half years ago. Bonkers.
I feel goddamn ecstatic.
The next 4 months are going to be me fantasizing about riding horses in the ocean, swimming with sea turtles, riding catamarans, and zip-lining through the jungle.
I've seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks like this:

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