Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From The Land Of Recent Purchases

Im not much of an on-line shopping fan. I like seeing things in person, I like trying them on. If I find something in a store and like it, Ill hunt for it on-line, but only if I know its a done deal. A fashionable friend is always showing up with amazing things shes found off Asos, which has so many items I find the whole thing a bit intimidating.  But the other day in an "Im already cruising in the Caribbean" state of mind, I googled "chiffon pant" (yes, really) and these came up. Which led to a few additions. On sale for $25, I just couldnt resist. And petite sizing at that! Looking forward to this box showing up.

Oui pendant.
I loved this because of its simplicity, and how fitting it is of my motto of "always say yes".

A black turban that can go with anything. Often times when wearing a turban, I'll hear a some sort of "hey genie, can you grant me a wish?" joke. Gladly!

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