Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things I Learned From Being Burglarized

Last Friday my house was broken into, and we were burglarized. Like out of a movie.
First was the phone call from my mom around 1pm. We were pet sitting my parents dog pun, and someone had called her saying that they had found her in the street. I left the salon, grabbed pun from a neighbor, and went to the house. The side gate had been opened, which, at the time, even though it had never happened before, I thought nothing of. 
I threw pun in the back, and didn't notice anything strange until we got home at 5:30. Even then, our place was such a mess, we didn't notice anything for 15 minutes.
"why'd you open my make-up case?" I said, about the fact that a train case that's always in the bedroom was open and unfolded. He told me he didn't. Then I looked beside it, at my vanity, which had all the drawers pulled out.
"I think we've been robbed".

"oh we definitely have" he said.

The took two guns, a thousand dollars in cash,  his watch, and his grandfathers pinky ring. They went though all my jewelry, even little boxes, and took nothing. Left diamond rings. Left a laptop. Left drugs. Took a clip with no bullets and left the one with.
What they took was odd. What they left was odder. 

We had a thick necked cop show up (that's a whole other story) and tell us they didn't take the jewelry because they probably got "spooked". 
No. They went through everything.
Also kept saying it was probably a meth head.
Don't buy that either.

 There was supposed to be a Maytag man at the house to repair our washer. They were supposed to call first, and said they wouldn't come if no one picked up. I think they knocked on the door, saw that no one was home, and had their way.  I called maytag, and they said they had no record of an appointment. Neighbors reported seeing a Winnebago with a weirdo couple in it. So strange that 3 people noticed them. But if that were the case, wouldn't he of taken jewelry? 
Seems like whoever robbed us wasn't interested in pawning anything. But how did they know that the side gate was unlocked, and that the back door would be open as well? Its ballsy as hell.
We'll probably never know, unless the guns turn up at some point.


Don't keep anything of value in your closet. That's the first place burglars look.

Keep everything of value in your kitchen. They care even less about the kitchen than I do.

Put locks on all gates.

There is a difference between being "burglarized" and "robbed", which was explained to me by 2 separate people in about 20 minutes.

Keep your front windows open. I believe this is the only reason nothing in the living room was touched.

CSI lies. It is almost impossible to get fingerprints off anything.

It is almost impossible to get black fingerprint dust off wood.

Long Beach cops think pot should be legalized.

Karma is a bitch. Steven stole a thing or two in his youth. They only took his stuff.

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