Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ciao, Tony.

This bums me out. LA's freeway murals are being removed at a rapid rate, and it's been well established I don't like change in LA.

You won't have Tony Curtis to distract you from Hollywood traffic anymore. The 16 year old mural on the 101 Freeway at Sunset has been scraped off by artist George Sportelli, who told Los Angeles magazine's Chris Nichols "the freeway is the stupidest place for a mural.…Tomorrow is the last day I’m going down that frickin’ overpass. What a pain in the ass." Sportelli tells us he's been maintaining the mural on his own all these years and confirms that it's now completely gone. Jill Curtis sponsored a replica mural, which Sportelli painted at Hollywood Blvd. and Bronson Ave. last month. He's now fixing up a section of the original freeway mural to be installed at Jill and Tony Curtis's Shiloh Horse Rescue near Las Vegas next month--he say"Tony Curtis liked the original mural so much that Jill Curtis wanted to have it at the ranch as a memorial." The mural also exists in graffiti-resistant banner form.

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