Monday, October 17, 2011


two pools and a private beach? Sold.

Off to Miami tomorrow.
I havent felt so unprepared for a trip in a long time, and I dont really know what to expect.
In all my travels, America hasn't made the list, and I've never been to Florida.
My mom is going for work and they're putting her up at the super slick Gansevoort, so while shes working all day, I'm playing all day.
Or really, resting. The only must see on my list is the deco architecture, and while I know theres more to see, I really just don't have it in me.
R & R is the name of the game for Miami. 3 days there, 3 days in Key West, where a family friend will join us. For that part of the trip, I'll be on their train, and I'm very ok with that.
Essentially, I just dont want to think.
I've been sick for over a week, didn't rest the way I usually do, partied too hard at a birthday party over the weekend, and havent been able to go to the gym in over a week.
In other words, I'm wiped out.
5am at the airport tomorrow morning. Yikes.

One of the better things about warm weather climates is that fact that you can pack so much in a suitcase. Its quite nice.

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