Friday, February 25, 2011


I am SO ready for the 70's revival this spring and summer. I feel like Ive been practicing for it for years, and not just in lifestyle (oh, the stories). I've already invested in a few key pieces, mostly vintage, an exception being these darling YSL wedges
Gucci showed a collection a few days ago that was 70's with a 40's flair. Absolutely gorgeous. Fur AND hats? Im in.
I always tell my boyfriend when he shops for me that he cant go wrong with my top 5 checklist: vintage, fur, fringe, sequins and feathers.
I was a showgirl in my former life.
When we were moving, and he was going through my closet before I moved in, and he told me that he "didn't know where I thought I was going...or where I had been", and that my closet was a total puzzlement to him. Since my closet is an entire room, hes learned to just close the door and not think too hard about what goes on inside.

The inspiration was listed as Bob Richardsons photos of Anjelica Houston, his girlfriend at the time. 

And while  I can't hate on Anjelica, I does get tired that designers seem to rehash the same old muse time and time again. However, if this is the result, than go for it.

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