Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Education

Sometimes its really hard for me to feel like any of this matters.
Sometimes I want to be on a farm somewhere. Vanished.
I have to tell myself that life is LONG. Making money now so I can do that later.
Theres so much going on right now, its hard to pinpoint exactly what makes me feel like this.
I'm getting a lot done for this business, and Steven says in April, we're just going to be twiddling our thumbs. I don't know if this is better, or worse.
We went to a taping of Bill Maher last night, which was completely enjoyable. I'd been before, as I have a friend who works the show, and we're treated great, go backstage afterwards, and its a fun night. Steven and I took a spin on the price in right wheel, as its shot on the same stage.

Real Time is a great show, though sometimes while I'm sitting there listening to the talking heads, I just hate the bullshit politics, consumerism, and grind that we've all carved out for ourselves. Which makes me sound like a goddamn cliche. Telling ourselves any of this matters is comical sometimes. Of course it affects our lives, but only as we've chosen to live them. All of it seems like a distraction. You're obsessed with religion, or politics, or cars, or art, or movie stars or whatever. And I guess why not. Theres a lot of years to fill and its just trying to assign importance to it all I suppose.
God. I sound like some junior college philosophy major, I apologize.
I was sitting in the waiting room of a voice audition a couple days ago when I recognized a girl who used to be a child actor. She was talking with someone about how, 9 years into it, she was almost done with her psychology degree, and then she was going to go to law school in 6 months.
She said she had wanted to do something that mattered, not like acting, that a few of the older men in the room kind of took offense too, but also just realized she was "that girl". Some one else asked if she had a theatre degree, and she said no, that shed never want to be around those people all day. A few of the the 50+ year old guys said that they had gotten theatre degrees to be around women, but you had to put up with a lot of stupid girl drama, in effect. To which this girl replied "how sexist!".
And I just thought, good grief. Stay in school as long as possible, because the real world is going to crush you.
I'm familiar with this type. Much more common on the east coast, than the west. Its not your normal lawyer or doctor per say. This type amasses degrees  just  for the hell of it. They're on the debate team, and try to carry that into life. They go to a school like Smith, study abroad in a place like London, where they dont have a language disadvantage. They are sponges for whatever indoctrination their professor wants to give them, and they drink the kool-aid. In my experience they come out of school 10 years later, and are kind of stunted. The world doesn't move and shake in accordance to the laws of academia.
And while I don't consider feminism a dirty word like so many, and I'm sure this girl isn't even thinking this way yet, I wanted to say "good luck finding a man".
Any woman who calls the fact that men and women are so goddamn different "sexist", is a moron. Anyone who thinks that a psych, or any other degree has any intrinsic value, or says anything about you, is a moron.
And no amount of schooling can save you from your stupidity. Only life, and the beating it can give, can do that.

I didn't know this girl as a kid, I might of met her a few times, and I think I remember her being home schooled. When you go from being in one closed environment, to another, to another, its not always education. Its playing it safe.  
I know a couple people that have fallen victim to this, left school with PHD's in things I cant comprehend. Burned the midnight oil, not come up for air for 8 or 9 years, and when they do, realized that life has gone on without them. That they lack social skills, and once they have a chance to live, realize they don't want to do what they just spent half their life working towards.

I'm not bashing formal education. Its just that whenever I meet people like this (which honestly, is rare, but they're so in your face they're hard to ignore), I cant help but wonder if their 300k could have bought them a dose of reality.

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