Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two dog night

This is Reggie:

He is a 4 year old Yorkiepoo, and he came as a package deal with steven. He's cute, low maintenence, has a funny little personality, and he's the best dog you could inherit....
But he's not mine.
I could give him all the bacon and walks in the world, and he still merely tolerates me. He absolutely adores Steven, and Steven adores him. They have their own little pack that I'm just not part of, and sometimes I actually find myself jealous of a DOG.
I am the dog version of a stepmother.
Reggie is a couple inches too long, and a couple pounds too heavy be a lap dog, which is what I really crave. I've never seriously entertained the idea of getting a dog until recently. I never wanted the added responsibility, but since we've already got a dog, adding another one to the pile doesn't seem like it would be that difficult.

This is Pun:

She is a 14 year old Yorkie mix, and shes been around since I was 14. She lives with my parents, and she's been dog napped for the next two days by me. 
While Reggie is calm, to himself, and well behaved, Pun is badly behaved, will look at you like she doesn't know what you're talking about, and is in your face. Essentially, Reggie is Steven and Pun is me.
The more Ive been around other dogs, the more I've realized that Pun is nuts.
But its so much fun! In the way that Cate Blanchett may be a better actress, but Sharon Stone is who you want to spend a lost weekend with. Crazy can be fun.
Pun is getting older, she gets tired easily, and she has good days and bad days. All I require is that she cuddle, and favor me, and that, she can do.
If Im the stepmother equivalent to Reggie, I'm the Grandmother equivalent to Pun. For the next two days she'll be encouraged to be an absolute brat, and sent home to my parents completely ruined.
I've already booked her a shampoo and hair cut tomorrow at Pussy and Pooch, the type of place gay men and rich cat ladies buy $300 dog bowls. Her treatment comes complete with a "blueberry facial" and paw balm. Really. 
She's a lot furrier than this picture, the longest shes been in years. She looks like chewbaca.
Before and After photos tomorrow!


  1. Oh, I can never pass up a entry about dogs, or Pun. I love that dog!
    I insist that if my dogs want to sleep in bed with me, they can. Usually they like to take up residence down the middle between me and Nick and while I find it adorable, Nick gets annoyed and has admitted on a few occasions his jealousy.

    Also, please inform me on how one gives a dog a facial.

  2. reggies about 15 pounds, and its just too damn big for the bed! Its like having a weight on my covers...I cant move them! If only he'd sleep under them....