Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Two.

We are eating, sleeping, and breathing salon right now. 
Yesterday was Stevens second day of working there, and he felt much better about it. Although what I've been dubbing "the face", as in, "you're making 'the face' again", creeps up multiple times during the day. Its a face somewhere between dream and despair, and it's captured best here:

We just dont stop. We're constantly doing things for the salon, and the couple hours we're home at night, we are both on our laptops the entire time, emailing vendors, designing websites, researching, setting up various accounts, and achieving an incressingly glazed look.
We've barely eaten this week because we're just not hungry.
I personally have noticed that food wise, nothing is really satisfying.

After work last night, we headed over to lowes, to buy painting gear. We got out of there at 10pm, 2 shopping carts later, and within 75 cents of our budget. Small victories.

I hope to one day need this book I found there.

In my mind, painting should be easy enough. Our colors are easy enough.

But Ive painted my fair share, and I know its never easy. Tonight after work we're going to cover the fucker in blue painters tape, which in a dream world will equal less work tomorrow. We've got a couple friends coming to help us, and we're hoping for the best. We're closed monday too, and it may end up taking a couple days.
Hopefully, just paint alone is going to have somewhat of an impact. The next step is replacing all the ceiling tiles. The drop ceiling thats currently in there is the bane of my existence. Its the first thing people notice, which is unfortunate because its heinous. Straight out of All The Presidents Men.

 We were told it would be difficult and costly to put a new, smooth ceiling in, so the best option is to get all new tiles that at least look like they dont belong in an office.

The news with The Red Queen is that Yelp took down her review yesterday, and she put up another one today. It never ends. Stevens old clients keep changing their review on his old salons page and lowering their star rating (which no one has asked them to do, but have done so one their own), and shes taking this as a reason to try and start a war. Too consumed to care at this point.

Before and after pictures tomorrow!

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