Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day One: Part Two

Stevens former employer, The Red Queen, just wrote us a one star review on yelp because steven's former clients wrote on her yelp page saying where he went. It never ends.
Ive never been a person who retaliates, and I dont want this to turn into a War Of The Roses. Every second we spend worrying about someone else is taking away from energy for our salon.
I feel like theres this train going at full speed headed towards a cliff. And we're in front of it, laying down track as quickly as we can, trying to keep it from going off.
Amazingly, all of stevens clients have been incredibly supportive so far, and know that the look of our space is only temporary.
Day one is down, and so far, so good.


  1. That is such petty BS on her part. Did you respond to the Yelp review? I feel like there is a classy way to respond and not make it look petty or dramatic.

  2. We complained last night and it was gone by this morning! Boo-yah!