Sunday, April 24, 2011

Night At The Museum.

Last night we went to a free event at the natural history museum. We love working on the salon, but we've been trying to not let it eat our life. We walk around dead tired, but are making a point to go out here and there anyways, just to let loose and have a distraction.
I have a certain soft spot for this museum, not only because its beautiful, but because a large part of it remains largely untouched from my childhood, in the most marvelous way. There were some rooms that had recently undergone a very nice renovation, but I love that most of the rooms are still rocking it 70s/80s style, complete with old documentaries about mining in Sri Lanka (the kind you used to have to watch in school) still playing. 
As a kid, my parents took me to museums constantly, and we had memberships to all of them. That, coupled with field trips makes going to most of them is highly nostalgic for me. Who didn't love field trips? You could walk to LACMA and the Tar Pits from my grammer school, so we went all the time.
Museums aren't things that need to be updated constantly, and sometimes when they are, things like this happen:

I don't care what they say, or how many times they change the names of dinosaurs! This is a goddamn Pterodactyl!

 We got there right when it started. Food trucks, alcohol, I had to say I was surprised they let both in the museum, but way to take a chance on the hipster crowd. Perhaps they thought they were all tired out from Coachella the week before. On the ground floor all the halls had djs, lights.....we stayed away from the crowds and just wandered around. 

There were tons of people there, but since the whole museum was open (not just a few rooms as I had originally thought), there was ample space for everyone.
The gem hall was a particular favorite. Not only was the music the best in there, but who doesn't like shiny things?

I feel like if the museum ever needs money, they should just sell off some of their MASSIVE gold nugget collection, which includes the 2nd biggest nugget ever found in America.

Wanna see pictures of us goofing off? Yeah you do!

Little known fact: I am inexplicably obsessed with llamas/alpacas.

Another little know fact: Steven inexplicably is weirded out by birds.


In case you can't see whats behind me:

In one hall with dinosaurs they had it caveman themed. Girls dressed as cavemen doing face painting, and fake rocks you could draw on with chalk like cave painting. 

We saw it when we first got there, and when we circled back later on our way out, some stupid hipsters had tired of drawing on the rocks I guess and were drawing on the museum walls behind it. Firstly, no one wants to see you shitty art. Secondly, who the hell do you think you are, essentially tagging the museum in general, but also in front of hundreds of people? Very few things shock me, but my jaw really dropped on that one. 
I don't exactly think it was a bright idea to mix cocktails, chalk, and a museum together, but STILL. NOT COOL.
People like that just fuck it up for everyone.
As we walked out I found two people working the event and narced on them. Assholes.

Phew! End rant.

All in all, a super fun night...and free! Cant beat that. 
I hear about things like this all the time and rarely go. I usually just want to avoid the hassle, but this sounded too good to pass up. Sometimes when an email lands in my inbox, and it sounds fun enough, you just gotta rally.

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