Sunday, April 24, 2011


Me and my dad:

56 years ago today, my dad was a little boy in Kentucky celebrating easter in style, with a bowtie! I've been trying to get steven to rock a bowtie recently. I just think they're fun!

When I was a kid, easter was the one day a year we went to church, which was my parents attempt at feeling like they were raising me with some sort of religion (that, and praying before dinner), although I can't say that any of us are religious at all. 
As I got older, the two cousins that I spent all my holidays with as a kid grew up, got married, and had kids of their own, easter changed.
We now spend it at my cousins, hiding and dying easter eggs, eating, and being low-key.
I always liked easter for that very reason. For people like us, its really nothing more than some celebration of spring, and its just no hassle. Everyone gets easter off, and yet I feel like very few people give a flying fuck about it.
Its just nice for people to feel like they're deserving of a day off. We all work too hard, for too little.
So go eat some chocolate, or just have a beer in the sun.

Happy day everyone!

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