Friday, April 22, 2011

Retail Me Not

Want a shopping tip that will change the way you buy online forever?

I'm not a fan of online shopping. I like to see things, touch things. I like the experience, and shopping on the Internet just KILLS it for me.
Sometimes its necessary, and I've never ordered so many things online as I have in the past month.

No matter if I'm ordering a pair of pants, or business cards, if theres an option to put in a coupon code at checkout (and there almost always is), I always go to Retail-Me-Not. User generated and easy to use, people contribute different coupon codes for things like free shipping, a percentage off, a free gift, whatever the site is offering that you would normally have to be a VIP customer or email newsletter subscriber to receive.
Its all kinds of awesome, and if you hate paying for shipping as much as I do, this is likely to make you much less grouchy.
Seriously, theres nothing I hate more than paying $15 for something I know cost $5 to ship.

Try it, love it, thank me later.

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