Friday, April 22, 2011

Salon Update!

Theres always a lot going on, but next week is going to be major at the salon. 

Firstly, and most life changing to me, we get internet. This was supposed to happen last week, and after 4 different visits from Verizon, Im told Tuesday is the day (after they lay fiber optic cable at 9am tomorrow that is)!!
I'll finally be able to be at the salon, AND be effective and efficient. 
Next week we also get our front desk, our chairs, our dryers, and have half a dozen other salon related things already on the schedule. While Im thrilled to get it looking like an actual salon, its happening faster than we aticipated, and we havent done our floor yet. So at some point in the near future, we're going to have to figure out how to get it all out while that gets done, but thats another issue for another day. 
We both still wish we couldve opened with everything perfect, but for reasons still under wraps, things have definitely happened for a reason.
I dont want to sound like one of those "more money more problems" people, but it is amazing how at even the appearance of success, some people can get....funky.
A humorous example (they're not all so funny) would be stevens old employer and coworkers are still trying to sabatogue our Yelp page. Nothing like people spending so much of their energy on others. I think its meant to upset us, but really it just shows where people are in their lives. We've ignored it for the most part because we dont really have the time for it. Who has time for negativity when you've just had your awesome new sign installed?

FINALLY the sign for the previous salon is gone! 
Feeling more legit every day. 

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