Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Painting Before And After

This wall, which separates the shampoo bowls, was a total joke. But by painting it and adding moulding to the scraggly bottom, it gave it more of a finished look. 

The end result will be having roller ball dryers on that wall, with shell chairs underneath:

Unfortunately I failed to get any good photos of the shampoo room before OR after, but we painted the walls black to matched the cabinets, bowls, and chairs. The ceiling will eventually be black in this room, as well as changing out the hardware on the cabinets to black.

The most god-awful, janky light fixture on the planet.


This is some of the furniture that came with the place that we're using until ours comes at the end of the month. The joys of opening two months early.

next project on tap:
after that

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