Monday, April 11, 2011


More Award Winning Pigeons...

I feel like the top pigeon. For the past week, there has been absolutely no stopping. Zero. I finally hit a wall today. I haven't felt so lethargic in a long time. The way my body is, if I don't rest enough I become very worn down, very fast, and really just deteriorate from there. I've already been battling a staph infection on the left side of my body, and either a detached eardrum or a torn ligament in my right ear. Sleeping has been a drag. I started feeling faint the last half of the day, and Ive apparently been so painful to look at that Steven has demanded I take tomorrow off.
We knocked out the painting the past two days, did two coats, and it changed everything. I knew it would be high impact, but it was more than I could even ask for. 
We also ordered our signage today! We'll have it next week, and I'm super excited. Tonight we're going to order our ceiling as well. Popping out and popping in 125 tiles is going to be a bitch, but one thing at a time.
In good news, Steven is already booked up weeks in advance, and theres been no slow down in his schedule. Absolutely aces!
Before and after photos of our paintjob soon!

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary. My oh my how things change.

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