Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Nothing Exceeds Like Excess"

I've been growing out my bangs FOREVER. Not because I dont like bangs, but because my hair is so thin, I felt I needed all the hair on my head I could possibly get.
Which is not to say that I dont still feel that way, but I've been losing A LOT less hair ever since I started taking Viviscal two months ago. Im bored as hell of my hair right now, and I'm really really tempted to get some bangs a la Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface.
I mean, it's just SO GOOD. I however do not have the hair texture that goes with this style, and the question is always what to do with my bangs when they're not blow dried to perfection. I probably should sit on this for a week, but I have a tendency to fixate on things I want, so I may have bangs by the end of the day. Way too easy access, sitting in a salon all day.

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