Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blueberry Goat Cheese

I seem to buy the same 10 things at Traders Joes. I find most of my new buys through there sample hut or other recommendations, only rarely venturing out and grabbing something at random. I am the queen of the trader joes rut.
Last night as I was roaming the aisles, throwing every whim into my cart, my eyes came upon this log of glory:

Utterly amazing is all I can say.
I'd been doing a good job of not bringing cheese into the house, as its my diet downfall. I'll still eat it when I eat out, but as far as just having it to snack on, its just not so great for me. 
I live with someone however, who loves dairy. He buys gallons of milk, put cheese on his steaks, and renders baked potatoes unidentifiable. 
Dairy has sneaked back into my shopping trips, although I try to buy mostly goat cheese as its on the healthier end of the cheese spectrum.
Fruit can only make it healthier, right?? Probably not, but holy hell, run, dont walk, and pick one of these babies up. 
Studded with tiny wild blueberries soaked in vanilla, it feels like you're eating cheesecake. It took everything we had not to eat the whole log last night. Ive already decided that tonight, Im going to make turkey paninis with it. I love fruit with meat and cheese (I've been known to throw one of their canned pears in a sandwich or two), and I'm ready for this experiment! 

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