Saturday, June 25, 2011

Salon Update

Today we had one of our assistants start her new schedule of taking clients 2 days a week, a new assistant started, and tomorrow, another new stylist. So far so good. The energy has been amazing, and the goal of keeping positive, drama free people in the salon is working out beautifully.
It all feels really exciting today.
Stevens new assistant is a former Navy member who I found out today got discharged because he died twice on the job. Full heart stoppage happening here.
He looks like a 10 year younger version of Steven, and hes got all the passion in all the right places. We're super excited to have him, and the fact that they look like twins keeps me amused. He's a kinder, gentler Steven. I don't know if I can picture him kicking a door like Steven did yesterday when he couldn't get ink black box dye out of a girls hair, but hes pretty into his job, so you never know.
another day at the office

I just realized I haven't posted any before and after photos of our new floor yet! Lets do that, shall we?



This turns me on.

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  1. The transformation is amazingggg!!!! You guys not only pulled it off well, I believe you exceeded any great expectations! Everything seems amazing and I hope your lives are full of continual love and positive people!