Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Force.

All I can say about my job yesterday, and for the next three weeks, is that it is so insanely awesome. Working with two of my favorite voice actors, an awesome director who is a Star Wars aficionado and is living his dream, and constant references to "George".
After the director explained the script to us, he asked up if we had any star wars questions at all, that he was one removed from George, and could answer anything we could come up with. Not necessarily star wars fanboys, we were all just kind of silent. And then one of my friends in the corner, with his little gravely voice:
"what are Yoda's views on sex?"
It was then explained to us in great detail.
For the record, jedis aren't celibate.
Due to a confidentiality contract I have to choose my words carefully, but the passion of those working around you for this amazing franchise is incredibly contagious. I haven't left a job feeling so pumped up in a long time.

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