Friday, July 15, 2011

So Into Sowden And Silver.

Phone at the salon is ringing off the hook today.
I shouldn't be complaining, but DAMN. This girl needs a break.

Thank god for friends, as one of my oldest, and dearest friends, Liz, has been helping me with some wedding stuff (lets just add one more thing to the pile). Yesterday, as I was trolling the internet for wedding venues, The Sowden House randomly sprung into my mind. I had long ago (before I was engaged, or even dating) thought of it as a potential wedding venue, but hadn't thought of it again as such, even though days before I had read a blurb on the recent sale of the house. Through some emails back and forth via Liz, I've got an appointment to go see it this Monday! Couldn't be more excited right now.
Not only have I always wanted to tour it, but also the prospect of getting married there certainly ups the ante.
Another couple got married here, and its hard to imagine a more photogenic venue.

During this jam packed day, I did mange to sneak away and get some color put in my hair. The first attempt was made last night, and didn't quite take. I want a silver streak in my hair, which I think comes from growing up in the 80s in LA, when local newscaster Colleen Williams was still rocking this mad streak. Not only did her hair never move, it was silver too like X-Mens Rogue??

Badass Colleen.
I'm not into your millennial gentrified self though. Go back to the silver girl.

My streak doesn't photograph that well, and I've already asked Steven for a bigger panel. I feel so wise.

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