Monday, August 15, 2011

eprit d'escalier

Living off a busy shopping street, and near orange county, Ive seen the same Obama protesters a few times a couple blocks form my house.
 They have a little table and big photos, of Obama made up like Hitler. 
Steven is usually around, in general, subduding me, but today I was alone, and today they approached me, asking if I wanted to get him out of office.
I might have snapped a bit. 
I told them their cause was a whatever, but it was their signs that bothered me. That using Hitler as a device was lazy and unintelligent. Their response back was something about me being a blonde.
I might have told them to go fuck themselves.
Ah, eprit d'escalier.

Right now I am thinking about that, and how more restaurants really should serve bananas foster.

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