Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dine And Dash

Went to Eveleigh yesterday, a new restaurant on Sunset for the first time, and just loved it. Beautiful inside and out, you feel like your in a tree house. It was surprisingly empty for brunch, which I cant imagine will continue much longer, although its possible, as the restaurant is surprisingly huge. It still feels very intimate though, due in part to a plethora of different seating areas. The staff was really friendly (although aggressive on the water pouring), and the mimosas are only $8. I had the "soft scrambled eggs", which is essentially eggs benedict scrambled, with trout substituted for ham. 
 Good eggs benedict is so good, and bad eggs benedict is the worst. The hollandaise is the tipping point, and this managed to be both flavorful and light.
I'm already craving it, and I'm taking Steven to try it out ASAP, as hes a trout fan.
You can tell the space is set up to be beautiful at night as well. I'd definitely recommend this as a date spot.

Yesterday I just felt like myself. I really got my LA fix, and I realized a lot of that had to do with driving. I just don't drive that much anymore. I've totalled two cars, have honestly been in more accidents than I can remember, and whenever I have dreams where I die, it's from a car crash. I've never liked driving at night, and the whole ordeal is often high anxiety for me. I usually put Steven in the role of chauffeur, and so often my trips into the city consist of "turn here", and "at the next light...".
Theres something about zipping in, out, and around a place you know like the back of your hand, taking side streets and alleys, knowing there is no way to get lost, and, in a way, having to pay attention less than you do as a passenger. Driving is such an intrical part of the Angeleno experience, and, while I don't feel the need to drive on the freeways, I might take the reigns in town a little more. Funny the things that make us feel at home. 

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