Sunday, August 14, 2011

Missoni For Target!

The whole lookbook is available here, but these are my picks. Because I live in Long Beach, and not as many people give a damn about this stuff around here, I'll hopefully get my hands on some of this. When I lived in West Hollywood, I used to drive to Burbank the morning collections I was interested in landed, and swoop them up. True story.
Love these mens ties. Which means Steven will have to.

What a great way to dress up a boring bottle of wine! I'm going to get as many of these as possible.

These trays (especially the far right) are just FUN. I have questions about the quality, but we'll see.

MUST have this jacket...

I'm assuming these are glass, and I hope they look as beautiful in person.

Im into the tumbler, and while Im not sure what purpose this canister serves, I am sure it will look good on my bar.

Love the colors and proportions in this. Something tells me it might be to long for me, and hemming this just wouldn't give it the same effect.

Can't tell if this is a onesie or not. I hope it is.

Helloooo Barbados!

Into all these towels. I have a pair of missoni hand towels, so it will be interesting to see the difference, if any.
To keep you bright and cheery on those cold winter nights!

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