Friday, September 16, 2011

My Missoni

Rescue me from work!

And yes, that sweater is Missoni for Target.
Judging from what I've read, people are MAD. Posts upon posts of shoppers  saying they're never shopping at target again. That they can't believe target has done this to them, and that they feel jilted and angry.
Without writing a novel about this, I have a few thoughts.
Firstly, I'm torn. And biased. I personally got up at 6am, went to a target a little further away that I thought would have less demand, and was first in line. I got nearly every product I wanted, and decided NOT to buy several others. 
It's easy for me to say "quit your bitching" to everyone, and "you just didn't want it bad enough".

But really, that's more of an H&M designer collaboration mindset (which, after the last one I staked out for, swore I'd never do again).  Target is about accessibility, and commonly with designer collaborations they do, Ive seen things be rolled out over a longer period of time. It's a little odd that everything was put out on the first day, only to sell out in 10 minutes. 
So perhaps target is at fault for that. And they can probably be blamed for the fact that Missoni crashed their website for 24 hours, leaving people unable to buy it online unless they sat at a computer all day and hit "refresh" for hours, only to have their orders get cancelled or delayed.
Perhaps they shouldn't have plugged the release in every magazine, and promoted it so heavily, if they didnt have the inventory.
If every single person who wanted something from the Missoni collection was able to get it, and everyone was walking around in the same skirt, would everyone still want it?
It's incredibly shitty that there are over 40,000 items currently listed on eBay by greedy mother fuckers, but I fail to find target responsible for that. Some people have suggested an item limit be imposed for the future, which would probably solve the problem, but I'm never a fan of more rules.

So what did I get? Good stuff!
I was actually left the store a little disappointed that I didn't get a chiffon sweater that I had had my eye on, only to get home and find it was one of several "online exclusives".....which was actually still for sale! There were certain items (candles, wine holders), that I would have bought more of had I known that they weren't going to be restocked, but what can you do? Overall, I'm a very happy camper, and I burst into the dark bedroom at 9am and jumped up and down on the bed, waking up Steven with a shower of Missoni.

My items:

The chiffon, online exclusive sweater. I can't wait for this to come in the mail. Pairing it with a black bra for a sexy fall look.

My one gift for Steven. I wanted to get him a sweater as well, but a horde of gay guys had beat me to those, and bath towels.

 This didn't fit a girl, and she gave it to me. I found people at the Target I went to to be unbelievably nice and friendly. Short and sassy.

 This romper was in the sleepwear section, although it might be passable with tights. I had to upsize in this to avoid it from being super short/camel toe, as its a very clingy fabric, which means the top is looser on me than this photo. I'm thinking this will be used by me as more of a catamaran cover-up.

I was able to snag both the top and bottom, which was on the top of my list! I was a little bummed to find out that these were actually pajama pants and not knit like the Missoni ones below, but they still serve their purpose as most awesome pool pant ever for my trip to the Caribbean

Nabbed this sweater too. It ran a little big, but its pretty awesome. Looking at it paired with the dress, I should have bought it as well, but it ran a little big, and I didn't want to have it taken in, since I was already dropping a fair amount of cash.

I LOVE this robe. Its SUPER silky and soft.

I ordered this frame online and shipping has been "delayed". Until its in hand, all bets are off.

This candle looks amazing lit, and smells great! I bought it as a gift, but couldn't resist.

I LOVE these wine gift boxes, and I bought both, and should have bought more. I'm going to be very selective as to who's the lucky recipient. Appreciate!

Overall, I'm really happy.  I failed to mention the quality before, but it's really dynamite. I feel bad for everyone who didnt get their hands on it, but boycott eBay! Make people return their items!

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