Saturday, March 19, 2011

Text I got today from a friend:

"Ummm so after I had sex with my girl this morning, she tells me she made out with a chick friend of hers last week...Should I be turned on or pissed?"

Well, she told you because she thought you'd be turned on. And, while girl on girl may not do it for my friend, should he be "pissed"? My school of thought is this: Shes not gay, shes not bi. Some women do things like this occasionally. It often involves alcohol, and its pretty harmless, a cheap thrill, and can be rather fun. Its equatable to a committed man flirting with a girl at a bar. Even though its's more physical,  its less harmful, because you're not actually going to go run off with your girlfriend you're kissing.
I told him to be turned on. It's easier.
And whats important for everyone to remember, the more you freak out, the less you hear about other things in the future.

Am I wrong here?

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